Management of securities

Working-out of schemes of activity optimization

  • Working-out of schemes of optimization of the taxation and monetary streams of the entities with the application of the securities. 
  • Working-out of schemes of the self-financing with use of the institutes of joint investments.
  • Working-out of the programs of alternative lending by means of equities and bonds.


Registration of the securities releasing

  • Legal aid in a registration of releasing of the shares, bonds and investment certificates.


Registration of financial institutions

  • Legal support of creation of professional participants of stock market (the securities trader , the keeper of securities, the registrar of securities).
  • Legal support of the banking establishments creation.
  • Legal support of the financial companies creation.

Support of securities operations

Financial services in mortgage sphere

  • Working-out and legal support of mortgage lending.
  • The formation mechanisms of mortgage lending in the mutual relations "the seller - the buyer - the bank."
  • Formation of the bank refinancing schemes with use of securities, and also alternative crediting of participants of the commodity market. 
  • Support of operations with mortgage securities.
  • Formation and work with mortgage models (the consolidated mortgage debt and a mortgage pool).

Financial services in building sphere

  • Individual selection of the optimum financial decision with use of securities (shares, bonds, investment certificates, bills) or financial tools (options), financial institutions.
  • Formation of the financial model of applying discount and target bonds for the purpose of building financing with following support of these operations on placing and repayment (cancellation) of securities.