Due Diligence

DUE DILIGENCE - this is the procedure for mergers and acquisitions or repurchasing companies. The main purpose of the procedure is to assess the benefits and obligations under the pending deal by the analysis of all relevant aspects of past, present and future of the acquired business.

  • Analysis of documents of the Subject of economic activity for compliance with current legislation for the procedures of establishment, reorganization (charter documents, minutes of general meetings, etc.)
  • Legal examination of the economic activity of the enterprises (economic agreements, contracts, foreign economic activity, etc.).
  • Legal examination of the contracts related to acquisition of the property rights on real estate of the enterprises (the legal status of actives).
  • Definition of risks at purchase or sale of the corporate rights of the enterprises.
  • Working-out of the most profitable schemes of absorption (merge) of the enterprises, considering previous aspects of activity of object of absorption (merge).