Our practice

Investment Law
  • Advising on the siting of investments in Ukraine.
  • Tax planning for the investment projects.
  • Legal support of the investment projects.
  • Protecting the rights and interests of the investors in a court.

Due Diligence

DUE DILIGENCE - this is the procedure for mergers and acquisitions or repurchasing companies. The main purpose of the procedure is to assess the benefits and obligations under the pending deal by the analysis of all relevant aspects of past, present and future of the acquired business.

  • Analysis of documents of the Subject of economic activity for compliance with current legislation for the procedures of establishment, reorganization (charter documents, minutes of general meetings, etc.)
  • Legal examination of the economic activity of the enterprises (economic agreements, contracts, foreign economic activity, etc.).
  • Legal examination of the contracts related to acquisition of the property rights on real estate of the enterprises (the legal status of actives).
  • Definition of risks at purchase or sale of the corporate rights of the enterprises.
  • Working-out of the most profitable schemes of absorption (merge) of the enterprises, considering previous aspects of activity of object of absorption (merge).

Management of securities

Working-out of schemes of activity optimization

  • Working-out of schemes of optimization of the taxation and monetary streams of the entities with the application of the securities. 
  • Working-out of schemes of the self-financing with use of the institutes of joint investments.
  • Working-out of the programs of alternative lending by means of equities and bonds.


Registration of the securities releasing

  • Legal aid in a registration of releasing of the shares, bonds and investment certificates.


Registration of financial institutions

  • Legal support of creation of professional participants of stock market (the securities trader , the keeper of securities, the registrar of securities).
  • Legal support of the banking establishments creation.
  • Legal support of the financial companies creation.

Support of securities operations

Financial services in mortgage sphere

  • Working-out and legal support of mortgage lending.
  • The formation mechanisms of mortgage lending in the mutual relations "the seller - the buyer - the bank."
  • Formation of the bank refinancing schemes with use of securities, and also alternative crediting of participants of the commodity market. 
  • Support of operations with mortgage securities.
  • Formation and work with mortgage models (the consolidated mortgage debt and a mortgage pool).

Financial services in building sphere

  • Individual selection of the optimum financial decision with use of securities (shares, bonds, investment certificates, bills) or financial tools (options), financial institutions.
  • Formation of the financial model of applying discount and target bonds for the purpose of building financing with following support of these operations on placing and repayment (cancellation) of securities.

Corporate Law
  • Legal support for the emission of securities and registration in SCSSM. 
  • Legal support for the creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities. 
  • Legal aid in the uniting of enterprises (associations, consortia, corporations, concerns). 
  • Legal support for the establishment and operation of groups of companies (holding companies). 
  • The development of optimal schemes and mechanisms of corporate governance. 
  • Mergers and acquisitions, researching the enterprises in preparation for absorption. 
  • Legal support for the transfer and retreat of corporate rights. 
  • Preparation of conclusions about corporate rights of the clients. 
  • Legal support and preparation of documents concerning the convening and holding general meetings of shareholders.
  • Development of schemes and mechanisms against the illegal holding of general meetings. 
  • Development of schemes to buy the interests (shares) of companies, protection from such acquisition from the opponent's side. 
  • Protection of corporate rights. 
  • Legal assistance in resolving of corporate disputes. 
  • Analysis of client's corporate rights in accordance with the statutory documents. 
  • Judicial protection of corporate rights. 
  • Appeal against decisions of the Controls of Societies.

Business Legal Services
  • Legal advices concerning the economic, civil, labor and other branches of the right.
  • Drawing up of the complex legal conclusions concerning economic activities of subjects of economic conducting
  • Representing of interests of the customer to the third parties. 
  • Working out of schemes of calculations with debtors and creditors.
  • Legal aid and representation of interests of the customer during the audits of economic activities by supervising and law enforcement.
  • Working out and the analysis of contracts and other legal documents.
  • Representing of interests of the customer in public authorities, including Anti-Monopoly committee of Ukraine.

Representation in Courts

Civil procedure

  • Granting of legal consultations concerning legal examination of existing lawsuit and opportunity to appeal to the Court.
  • The qualified legal aid in preparation of procedural documents for the appeal to the Сourts of Ukraine of any level of authority, including the Trial Court, Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation.
  • The management of all civil affairs in all categories (civil, family, housing, land and other The management of all civil affairs in all categories, lawsuits about the establishment of property rights, about the obligation to perform certain actions, etc.) in the Courts of any level of instances.

Commercial Litigation

  • The legal analysis of documents of the subject of economic activities concerning legal examination of existing lawsuit and opportunity to appeal to the Court.
  • Preparation of procedural documents for appeal to the economic courts of all instances (Trial Court, Economic Court of Appeal, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, Ukraine's Supreme Court).
  • The management of all economic affairs (the recognition of property rights, lawsuits relating to the execution or not the execution of contracts, lawsuits about the termination of contracts, corporate lawsuits, recovery of debts and penalties, etc.) in the Courts of all instances.

Administrative proceedings

  • Legal advice on the presence of imperious powers of administrative jurisdiction in a lawsuit with the subject.
  • Preparation of procedural documents for appeal to the administrative courts of all instances (Trial Court, as an administrative court, or the Regional Administrative Court, Administrative Court of Appeal, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, Ukraine's Supreme Court).
  • Management of all administrative lawsuits (adopting illegal decisions by the subjects of authority, the obligation to perform certain actions, the challenging of actions or omissions of the subjects of power, protection of the rights, freedoms and interests in public law relationships, etc.) in the administrative Courts of all instances.

International Commercial Arbitration Court

Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Appeal against arbitral awards

Criminal justice

Contract law
  • Working-out and preparation of the contract projects.
  • Participation in negotiations which precede the conclusion of contracts.
  • Structuring and support of complex agreements.
  • The legal analysis of the contractual relations and the concluded contracts.
  • Inspection of the financial condition of contractors.
  • Recovery of debts.

Fiscal law
  • Advising concerning the application of tax legislation of Ukraine.
  • Development of schemes and mechanisms of tax optimization. 
  • The legal analysis of tax situations in the implementation of business activities at the enterprise. Providing the conclusion.
  • Legal aid, protection of the rights and interests of the client during the checks of financial and economic activity by supervising bodies.
  • Protecting the rights and interests of the client in case of tax lawsuits. 
  • The challenging of tax notices-decisions.

Real estate business
  • Drafting and legal support for contracts of purchase and sale of housing.
  • Drafting and legal support for contracts of purchase and sale of commercial real estate.
  • Drafting and legal support for contracts of purchase and sale of property complexes of the enterprise.
  • Drafting and legal support for contracts of purchase and sale of the land areas and other real estate.
  • Consultations in the sphere of land law.

  • Advice on bankruptcy or restore the solvency of the debtor.
  • Services of arbitration managers at various stages of bankruptcy proceedings: the disposal of property, reorganization, liquidation.
  • Expedited procedure of liquidation of enterprises through bankruptcy.

Registration of companies

Registration of enterprises of any organizational-legal forms:

  • Private Enterprise.
  • Company with limited liability.
  • Joint stock company (open, closed).

Registration of associations of the enterprises:

  • Associations.
  • Corporations.
  • Consortia.
  • Concerns.

Registration of the organizations:

  • Public organization.
  • The charitable organization.

Registration of offshore companies.

Protection in criminal proceedings
  • Services of the lawyer for the protection of interests in criminal cases during pretrial investigation.
  • Judicial protection in criminal affairs.

Employment law
  • Drafting of individual and collective labor agreements, rules, labor regulations, job descriptions and other internal documents of the the enterprise, serving the employment relationship.
  • Consultation concerning features of realization of the labor and social rights of workers.
  • Granting of lawyers for consultations and representing of client interests in the settlement of labor lawsuits.

Legal audit
  • Studying of archive of the enterprises contracts.
  • Studying of constituent, permissive and other documents which accompany the enterprise economic activities (licenses, certificates, etc.).
  • Making conclusion about a condition of contractual base, personnel documents and other office-work of the enterprise with instructions of discrepancies, infringements, omissions, working-out of recommendations about their elimination; improvement of system of document circulation and bringing it into line with legislation, corporate culture (including – working out of methodology of ordering of contractual base, introduction of the developed concept).
  • Documentary registration of the concept draft contracts and other documents.
  • The analysis of organizational structure of the enterprise by studying of a system of document circulation and practice of interaction between participants of the business organizations, working out of recommendations for improving the structure and mechanisms of business processes.
  • Working out of corporate and other documents at the enterprise.