Company History

Adler Law Company (ALC) was established initially as “Adler and Partners. Attorneys at Law” LLC in Kyiv in 1997. In the first years of its work, the company specialized in providing legal support to industrial enterprises, contract and procedural law, rendering legal consultations to private entities and individuals, and settling commercial and civil disputes. Already at the start of their work, the company’s lawyers approved themselves as reliable and highly qualified specialists providing first-class legal services to its clients.

Each year, the company expanded the scope of its legal practice, providing an always wider range of services to its clients. Today, ALC offers services in commercial, civil, corporate, tax, contract, labor, and criminal law.

• ALC carries out a comprehensive legal due diligence of companies’ business that includes all components of the due diligence process: investment risk assessment, independent assessment of target companies, in-depth analysis of a company’s business and a detailed check of its financial condition and market position, etc.

• ALC conducts a legal due diligence of real estate properties and land plots and audits the accuracy of their historical records and disposal methods.

• ALC consults its clients on different issues of bankruptcy and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

• ALC registers companies and provides a full-scale legal support of business.

• ALC’s attorneys represent clients in courts, including defense in criminal proceedings.

• ALC’s specialists render receivership services.

Having years of experience, ALC is a recognized expert in procedural, land, and investment law and in real estate and securities transactions.

ALC’s specialists have gained invaluable experience while providing legal services to clients in different industries of economy. Today, we render legal due diligence and consultancy services in different markets, including the investment market, real estate market, stock market, securities market, transport and space industries, military-industrial complex, construction market, banking and finance, information technologies, and many others.

Our team unites like-minded people and has a vast practical experience in the legal services market. ALC’s specialists apply an unusual approach to resolving each legal issue and develop innovations in providing legal support. Our mode of operation is to treat each client individually.

ALC adheres to the international standards of legal business conduct and that is why partners from Europe and USA choose to cooperate with us to ensure the legal support of international projects in Ukraine.