ALC’s clients are leading industrial business groups, major manufacturing enterprises, holding companies with foreign investments, banks, Ukrainian government executive and representative bodies, and private individuals.

We are proud that domestic and foreign companies choose us as a legal services provider for the most complex and high-budget projects.

Owing to the professional work of ALC’s specialists, the total investments channeled into Ukraine as a result of preparing and implementing our clients’ projects reached UAH 8 billion. 


Projects We Are Proud of

First Ukrainian Telecommunication Satellite Lybid

For three years, ALC’s specialists have been providing legal support of UkrKosmos State Enterprise’s business operations. Considering ALC’s specialists’ flawless work, the Ukrainian National Space Agency elected our company to serve as legal counsel for a new and unique project: creating and launching the first Ukrainian telecommunication satellite Lybid.

This project is of ultimate importance for the country: using the satellite, Ukraine will, for the first time in its history, be able to establish the National Satellite Communication System. The Lybid satellite is designated for providing regional and cross-border television and radio broadcasting services, multimedia and broadband Internet services, as well as for ensuring data transmission, telephony, and videoconferencing in three regions: Central and Eastern Europe, including Turkey, Central and Western Africa, and India.

ALC’s specialists provide full legal support of the project.

Establishing a Holding with English Investments

Dewnay Day Group, an English investment company, appointed ALC as its counsel for a new investment project in Ukraine.

Owning to the work accomplished by ALC’s lawyers, more than USD 250 million was invested into Ukrainian economy upon implementation of this project.

ALC’s specialists performed all works to establish the English-Ukrainian holding, analyzed the title document package, and prepared all documents necessary for the operation of the holding and permits for the new construction project.
ALC’s specialists completed a full-scale due diligence: assessed investment risks, conducted an independent assessment of target companies and a detailed check of their financial condition and market position, etc. Thus, ALC’s lawyers performed all legal procedures required to prepare the new project for the IPO.

To implement the project, the investor acquired land with a total area of approximately 200 ha in Kiev and Zhitomir Oblasts. It is planned that a unique closed cycle infrastructure will be based on this territory: construction of an up-to-date shopping and hotel center, logistic center, and a cottage village.

ATP-1 OJSC Majority Shareholding Buyout

Upon the client’s instruction, ALC’s specialists developed the acquisition scheme and conducted a buyout of the majority shareholding in ATP-1 OJSC, the largest motor transport enterprise in Kiev and Kiev Oblast. Our lawyers conducted a comprehensive due diligence of the motor transport enterprise and removed all flaws. ALC’s specialists developed and implemented an efficient corporate governance model and corporate protection (anti-raider) program for the joint stock company. Also, our lawyers prepared all necessary documents to purchase the land plot with an area of 8 ha where ATP-1 is located with a prospect of building office and shopping and entertainment facilities.

ALC currently renders legal consultations to ATP-1 OJSC as its permanent client.

Establishment of Ukrprodukt Group Holding

Ukrprodukt Group was established in 1998 with direct support of ALC’s specialists. The legal services package included purchasing 7 manufacturing enterprises, drafting Charters, shareholder terms, and all documents required for the operation of the holding, and providing full legal support of the holding at the initial phase of its operation.

Today, ALC is a legal counsel for Ukrprodukt Group.

Protection of Shlifverst OJSC Against Hostile Takeover

Shlifverst OJSC invited ALC’s specialists to protect it against the unlawful buyout of its shares by its competitors. ALC was given the task to challenge in court the validity of the shareholders meeting at which the competitor that took possession of 33% of the shares succeeded in changing the management and gained control over the enterprise. ALC’s specialists reinstated the lawful management in a judicial proceeding and were supported by the representatives of the Parliamentary Committee for Combating Organized Crime, which helped prevent three more takeover attempts by the competitor company. During 2.5 years, the lawyers pursued over 15 legal suits that resulted in withdrawing charges against the joint stock company’s Director and blocking the competitor’s actions.

The lawyers’ efforts led to executing the settlement agreement pursuant to which the shareholding of 33% was bought out from the competitor; this finally stopped the attempts to seize the company.

Rehabilitation of Khmelnitskmolprom OJSC

ALC acted as a counsel in a bankruptcy proceeding involving Khmelnitskmolprom OJSC. ALC’s lawyers were successful in conducting financial and economic rehabilitation of all 7 manufacturing enterprises forming part of the joint stock company. Therefore, the enterprise was not liquidated and operated until the change of the owner. Currently, the enterprise is a thriving business in the Ukrainian market.

URGA IJSAC Majority Shareholding Buyout

Upon a request of our American client, ALC served as its counsel in a very complex procedure for buying out the then state-held majority shareholding in URGA International Joint Stock Aviation Company. ALC’s lawyers successfully coped with their task to buy out the state-held shares in the entity that had strategic importance.

Air Disaster in the International Aviation Training Center

In October 2011, the International Aviation Training Center requested ALC to protect its rights. On March 10, 2011, the air disaster occurred as a result of which the aircraft was destroyed and the crew died. At the time of the air disaster, the aircraft was insured with Narodnaia Insurance Company CJSC pursuant to the Mandatory Aviation Insurance Agreement. Insured were training flights. The claimant filed all necessary documents to the insurance company but the latter refused to pay the insurance indemnity to the claimant arguing that the aircraft was not in a proper technical condition at the time of the air disaster.

ALC’s attorneys brought the action in behalf of the claimant in the Kiev City Commercial Court seeking payment of the insurance indemnity of UAH 2,800,000 as stipulated in the Mandatory Aviation Insurance Agreement. During the legal proceeding, the insurance company failed to admit the claims and referred to many additional bases on which, as it believed, the court had to dismiss the action. The trial in this matter continued for more than five consecutive months, and much evidence was submitted to the court to rebut the insurance company’s arguments. As a result, on March 6, 2012, the Kiev City Commercial Court sustained the plaintiff’s claims in full.

Counseling in the Sale and Purchase of Large Office Centers in Kiev

ALC’s lawyers counsel in the sale and purchase of real estate. Such projects include purchasing large office facilities in Kiev at 5 Kaisarova St. (with a total area of over 4,000 sq m) and 23 Klimenko St. (with a total area of approximately 8,000 sq m). ALC’s specialists completed all preparation works to implement these investment projects. Our lawyers also provide business legal support services to the office center located at 23 Klimenko St. on a regular basis. 

Establishment of a new Financial Institution AVANT-BANK

ALC’s lawyers prepared the full document package to establish AVANT-BANK, a new financial institution in Ukraine. ALC’s lawyers drafted the application for registering the bank, the memorandum of association and charter of the bank, and other documents required for the registration and governing AVANT-BANK’s operations.